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Elegance without time

Anytime is a perfect moment to wear "Carmen Basilique". A dress, a skirt, a jacket, a coat or a pair of trousers, combine glamour, discretion, simplicity and comfort. Knitwear is synonymous with timeless modernity, but it is also precious, comfortable and versatile. For these reasons, Carmen Basilique develops collections by carefully selecting the yarns most suited to the requirements of each individual garment. Each season offers new models, remaining faithful to the concepts of style and elegance that distinguish individual collections and make customers unique.

Carmen Basilique

Made in Italy with love

"I introduce myself to you as Carmen, creator and designer of this prestigious brand, which aims to exalt the aesthetic virtues of every customer.
I entered timidly and with immense curiosity in this world that fascinated me and captured me. My studies started in Barcelona and ended in Milan with a Master in Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni, later working for several designers in the knitwear sector. There have been important experiences that have strengthened and united my training and that made me realize I was ready to chance the jump: I had been dreaming of seeing my ideas worn, with my first and last name.
I created “Carmen Basilique in 2000 and since that magic moment, season after season, I have designed articles that satisfy the tastes and personality of all my customers. My aim is to create collections that transcend the fleeting trends of fashion-collections infused with your individual personality. I want to give you something that makes you feel not only different, but entirely unique. This is the guiding principle of my collections: designs inspired by the current trends, yet attentive to and reflective of, my customers’ requirements and true to character. “Elegant, Contemporary and Unique” are my keywords “Indispensable and Must” are my customer’s.

I design and produce high quality bespoke garments in knitwear that are 100% made in Italy with fine luxury yarns, including my favourite: cashmere. Each of my creations is signed off by me and delivered personally to my clients. Carmen Basilique. "

Experience haute couture

Carmen Basilique

Knitwear in the heart of Lugano

"A new, modern knitwear, made with old fashioned principles and know-how".
"Creating a new collection of exclusive, sophisticated designs: this is my primary ambition. As a designer, I am not satisfied by just following fashion: I want to craft a new style, which embraces modern, young and uncompromisingly luxurious knitwear. "
We select only the finest yarns to create exclusive and refined outfits built on the perfect choice of cut and colours to make something unique for you.

Precious yarns...

...for luxurious wear

All Carmen Basilique's creations are recognisable by their luxurious quality.
They guarantee absolute comfort, turning the daily task of "getting dressed" into a stylish emotion.

In the showroom

An unmissable experience

"I put my experience to choose the yarn that best suits your needs, cut and colour that best enhance your shape and add personalized stylistic details to any garment created just for you."

IN ATELIER ... the designer / customer relationship.
Creating a new model always starts with getting acquainted over a coffee or a cup of tea. It is very important to be aware of your lifestyle preferences before you can offer any consultation.

Equally important, is determining the use of the garments you are looking for: do you need to renovate your wardrobe for the coming season, or do you need something special for an occasion?

The first stage of the meeting with Carmen Basilique is to create a genuine synergy over a friendly tea or coffee: this bond will form the basis for creating unmistakable customized patterns. Then, she will look at the best shape, scrupulously made to fit your requirements and finally, the choice of yarns will follow. Given that navigating the choice of hundreds of colours and yarns can be a daunting task, Carmen Basilique will also be able to help in choosing colour and between cashmere, silk, linen, cotton, bamboo or blends of the same.

Delivering the finished product requires one last appointment at the atelier to verify their perfect fit, but it is not the last stage of our liaison, rather the beginning of a lasting relationship over time.