The Silk

The word "silk" immediately evokes distant lands, recalling the colours and traditions of the ancient East and, in particular, of China.

Its origins date back to a few millennia before Christ and with the first commercial routes Europe had learned to appreciate its qualities without ever being aware of the production cycle.
Only around the thirteenth century, finally, did the “Old Continent” begin to have its own silk production.

The raw filaments harvested from the cocoons, which can reach the incredible length of 700/800 meters, are suitably machined, transforming into that noble, soft fabric and the unmatched gloss quality that we all know. Appreciated especially in spring-summer for its great brightness, silk has been able to carve out a fair and deserved space in time even in colder seasons.

Thanks to its special thermal insulation qualities that make it pleasant and cool to wear during the beautiful season and warm and comfortable during autumn-winter, it is the perfect companion of cashmere.