The Linen

Flax is the perfect fabric to wear during the summer season. Due to its low environmental impact, it is an environmentally friendly natural fibre, which in fact requires less energy consumption and less use of chemicals in its production.

Its history is ancient, as it begins about 36,000 years ago, making it as the oldest textile fibre in the world. Composed essentially of cellulose, it is derived from the stem of a small plant, called Linum Usitatissimum, which is sown in the spring and then cleared in July after flowering.

Thanks to a series of complex processes ranging from maceration, to spinning from mechanical transformation to extract the yarn from woody material and combs, linen fibres are transformed into perfect yarns to use, according to their degree of finesse, both for clothing and for the production of household linen.

Known for its light qualities, it is perfect for feeling fresh in those hot summer months. Less known, are its anti-allergic and anti-irritant qualities: it does not retain the dust, breathable, durable, antistatic and last but not least a bactericide.